Attitude Era Star Says He SHOULDN’T Be In WWE’s Hall Of Fame

Posted: 09/03/2022 in Sports, WWE
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D’Lo Brown doesn’t think he should be considered for WWE’s Hall Of Fame treatment.

The former four-time European and one-time Intercontinental Champion told Chris Van Vliet’s ‘Insight’ show that he’s actually had a longer run in TNA/Impact Wrestling than WWE. That, to Brown, means something. He reckons it’d stop him from ever getting inducted into Vince McMahon’s HOF.

When asked if he thought he was deserving, D’Lo said no; “I don’t think I have done enough in the business to warrant a Hall Of Fame induction”. This does seem a tad self-critical when one looks at some of the names who have been honoured by WWE over the years.

Brown is best-remembered for his time in the Nation Of Domination and for those aforementioned midcard title runs. He was considered a possible breakout star at one point, but his career faded badly by the turn of the millennium.

Nobody is going to claim that Lo-Down (his tag-team with Chaz/Headbanger Mosh) is Hall Of Fame worthy, for example.

Whilst Brown definitely enjoyed his time in WWE during the wildly successful Attitude era, he doesn’t think that’s enough to merit HOF inclusion.

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