Dana Brooke Wants Current Female Star To Go Into 2022 WWE Hall Of Fame

Posted: 11/03/2022 in WWE
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During an interview with NBC 5 Chicago, Dana Brooke answered some questions about her time with WWE and spoke about why she believes a current WWE female star should be included in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2022.

“She’s a current WWE Superstar, but she’s been here for so, so long, it would have to be Natalya,” Brooke said. “You know, I know that she’s not retired, but she’s a legend. A living legend and who’s exactly who she is. She is the Guinness Book of World Records Champion right now and she has paved the way from where she started until where she is now.

“It doesn’t mean that she can’t in the future, but I feel as though the time is now, and you have to capitalize on that moment and that’s what we should do is capitalize on Natalya’s moment. From working with the previous WWE Superstars and working with the current WWE Superstars. It would be amazing for her to be inducted and the best is yet to come for her. I truly believe that.”

As far as the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame, The Undertaker and Vader are the only confirmed members of the class so far, with rumors suggesting Sid Vicious could be the next inductee.

With WrestleMania 38 approaching and Women’s Royal Rumble winner Ronda Rousey set to face Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Dana Brooke explained why she’d like to go toe-to-toe with the former UFC Champion someday.

“I know that you never know what the future holds,” Brooke said. “You want no regrets in life and I feel as though I came out and I am not a household name. You know I grew up in gymnastics, fitness, and then WWE opened up their doors and gave me that opportunity and gave me that platform, right? And I just want to show the little girls that are out there, you can do anything you put your mind to.

“And I always loved to be put under pressure. Going out there and challenging Ronda Rousey just shows that I can go toe-to-toe with anyone. You know and I truly believe that I learned more from my loss than I would from a win. I learned who I was, I learned that I can, you know, preservers under anything. I can overcome anything that I put my mind to and that’s exactly what I did against one of the top competitors of the world.

“And I am so happy that Ronda came back. She’s a role model. I want to speak on my behalf because she’s a mother, she’s a WWE Superstar and she is, you know, a pure professional across the board and that’s, that’s exactly who I want to be one day is a mother. I’m a WWE Superstar, but I want to, you know, definitely step my game up and be where she’s at in the top tier competitors of the WWE Division.”

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