WarnerMedia Official Reportedly Against AEW Signing The Briscoe Brothers

Posted: 12/03/2022 in AEW, Ring of Honor
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ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes are reportedly not expected to sign with AEW any time soon.

There have been rumors on AEW signing The Briscoes since ROH went on a hiatus back in December, and the recent social media beef between The Briscoes and AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR added to that speculation.

In an update, Fightful Select reports that a person of influence at WarnerMedia did not want Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe signed to AEW, mainly due to Jay’s homophobic tweets from 2013. Jay ended up apologizing for those tweets shortly after he made them, at a ROH show.

It was noted that prior to the ROH sale, there was talk that AEW did not have plans to sign The Briscoes. There’s no word if there’s even interest from AEW, but the WarnerMedia higher-up not wanting The Briscoes signed would be an issue, even if there was interest. ROH sources noted that to The Briscoes’ credit, they hadn’t caused any issues for the company since those tweets. One AEW source added that The Briscoes were made for TV, but you can’t blame AEW or WarnerMedia.

Regarding rumors of FTR vs. The Briscoes, word is that as of a month ago, there were no imminent plans for the two teams to wrestle in ROH, AEW or anywhere else, but that was before AEW purchased ROH, which could have changed things. The Briscoes and FTR are interested in having the match, and multiple indie promoters have been willing to pay significant money to make it happen, at least by indie standards.

There is no confirmation that The Briscoes will be a part of the new AEW-owned Ring of Honor. They were previously announced to defend the titles against opponents to be named at Supercard of Honor XV on Friday, April 1, but that was before the AEW purchase, and a recent report noted that they are not locked in for the show just yet. The Briscoes are scheduled to face The Good Brothers later that night in the main event of Impact’s Multiverse of Matches event.

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