Marlins owner: ‘We have money, and we will spend it’

Posted: 16/03/2022 in MLB
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Miami Marlins owner Bruce Sherman wasn’t crying poor during a press conference Monday. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

“We have money, and we will spend it,” Sherman said, according to’s Christina De Nicola.

The Marlins, who typically have a small payroll, have been active this offseason. They’ve traded for several players, and they’ve signed Avisail Garcia to a four-year, $53-million contract as well as starter Sandy Alcantara to a five-year, $56-million extension.

Sherman added that he’d be surprised if the Marlins don’t make more moves before Opening Day, citing a need for bats, outfielders, and a closer. However, he said the club would do it with “sustainability” in mind.

Recently, though, Derek Jeter stepped down as Miami’s CEO, citing differences in the “vision for the future of the franchise.” Jeter’s former teammate, CC Sabathia, said the Hall of Famer was upset with the Marlins because they wouldn’t sign outfielder Nick Castellanos in free agency.

“No matter what you try to do to make (the Marlins) better, at the end of the day, there’s just always been bad ownership,” Sabathia said on his “R2C2” podcast.

“I just feel bad for him because I know how much time he put into that and how serious he took that job, and I know he’s pissed,” Sabathia continued. “Yeah, it sucks, but the Marlins are the Marlins.”

Miami finished fourth in the National League East with a 67-95 record last season after making the postseason during the shortened 2020 campaign.

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