WWE Legend Says Scott Hall “Didn’t Need” To Become World Champion

Posted: 20/03/2022 in WWE
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WWE icon Shawn Michaels doesn’t believe his good pal and former running buddy Scott Hall ever “needed” to become World Champion.

Michaels told Sports Illustrated that he’ll always cherish his lengthy friendship with Hall. Career-wise though, HBK doesn’t think the one-time Razor Ramon ever needed a belt to validate his status as one of wrestling’s best. In fact, according to Shawn, “Scott generated his own excitement and made himself an attraction”.

Hall used to tell Michaels that he “didn’t need to be number one – I just need mine”. That selfless approach is something that always struck a chord with HBK, and it’s why he’ll never forget just how good Scott was at simultaneously making others and himself look good in-ring.

Summing it up, Michaels also said: “Creatively, he wanted to be free”. Shawn believes that the World Title sometimes “puts you in a box” and dominates how a wrestler is presented to the audience. He doesn’t think Hall wanted that for himself.

Would he have agreed to a World Title reign? Obviously, but Scott didn’t need the championship to get over. That’s a fair point.

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