The Steiner Brothers To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame 2022

Posted: 28/03/2022 in WWE
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After plentiful rumblings in recent weeks, the Steiner Brothers have now been officially announced to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the 2022 Class alongside the Undertaker, Vader and Queen Sharmell.

This news was first revealed by David Shoemaker at The Ringer, with WWE quick to follow up on Twitter with their own announcement.

One of the greatest tag teams in the history of the business, the hard-hitting, legit tough Rick and Scott Steiner amassed countless accolades and championships during their 30+ years of teaming together on and off – most recently tagging together in 2019.

The Steiners’ first dose of tandem gold came when they won the NWA Tag Team Titles in 1989. Following that, the real-life brothers would go on to hold the WCW Tag Team Championships on six occasions, the WCW US Tag Team Championships, the WWF Tag Team Championships twice, and also have a couple of runs with the IWGP Tag Team Championships.

While the Steiner Brothers are being inducted for their legendary tag team career, both grapplers also achieved success in the singles ranks over the decades. For Scott, that success involved one reign as the WCW World Champion and two runs a piece as WCW TV Champion and WCW United States Champion. In Rick’s case, he has three WCW TV Titles and a WCW US Title in his back pocket.

Despite the strong rumours of the Steiner Brothers being inducted into the WWE Hall of Famer this year, many wondered whether this could ever become a reality due to the very public disparaging comments Scott has regularly made about Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, in addition to the younger Steiner also throwing shade at the WWE Hall of Fame as a concept.

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