AEW star Anna Jay sat down with FITE TV’s Women’s Wrestling Talk to talk about her current run in the AEW Women’s Division. While talking about the addition of the AEW TBS Championship to the division, Anna Jay revealed her hope that some day soon there would be AEW Women’s Tag Team Championships added as well.

“I definitely think so,” Jay said. “We definitely didn’t think it would happen anytime soon, which, you never know. It was cool to get the secondary women’s title. So I think now, if I had to guess, I feel like the next title for the women’s division should be a tag title. So, hopefully that’s the next one. I don’t know when. I think we do need to keep building and keep doing what we’re doing before that happens, but I definitely think that should happen in the near future, at some point.”

Anna Jay also discussed Thunder Rosa’s AEW Women’s World Championship victory, when she defeated Dr. Britt Baker DMD to win the title in a steel cage match. Jay said she was very happy for Rosa, while also pointing out that it was every women’s goal to eventually hold the AEW Women’s World Title.

“I think that every woman’s goal in the locker room is to hopefully one day be champion,” Jay said. “So of course, that’s my goal. But I also know that I am still new and I’m still working towards that. To see her win though was such a cool moment, such a cool moment for all the girls. It’s cool to see the division grow, and it growing means new champions and I feel like that was in the works for a while.

“Their storyline was building and building, so it’s really cool, and that’s my favorite part of wrestling, is storylines. So to see its payoff was honestly an incredible moment, and I think everyone’s super happy for her. She’s a hard worker and does a lot of things and wrestling is one for them and one of her passions. So it was a cool moment for everyone. I’m super happy for her, and yes, one day, that will be me. But I’m being patient.”

Another question Anna Jay was asked was what her favorite AEW moment was to this point in time. She revealed it was her choking out former AEW performer Brandi Rhodes on a special Saturday night episode of AEW Dynamite back in August of 2020.

“Probably choking out Brandi,” Jay said. “That whole segment and me coming into the Dark Order. I would definitely say that just because that’s now made, you know, where I am now. Even with the Dark Order and like, how they become such good friends in my life too in real life. So I would start that because it was, you know, obviously, it was on screen but also in the back, like, I really did gain brothers and stuff.”

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