Update On Miro’s Continued Absence From AEW

Posted: 30/03/2022 in AEW
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All Elite Wrestling star Miro has revealed that he is currently living in Brooklyn, New York while working on an unnamed pilot.

The former TNT Champion tweeted the following earlier this week, breaking the news.

Miro has since followed up on Instagram. Here’s what he said in his latest update:-

Living in Brooklyn for couple of weeks. Very excited about shooting this great pilot!!! Meet Nikolai Dushkin….. and pickles, of course

The situation will presumably keep the 36-year-old occupied for a little while longer before he can feasibly return to AEW. Miro currently stands as one of the promotion’s most notable absentees, having been away since Full Gear 2021 last November, when he was defeated by Bryan Danielson.

An injury saw the former Rusev take required time off after that pay-per-view, having stepped in to replace Jon Moxley in then AEW World Title contendership tournament. It has since been reported that Miro is now healthy, however, and merely waiting for creative ahead of returning to television.

On top of all of this, it was reported earlier this month that Miro had signed a multi-year AEW contract extension tying him to the promotion until at least 2026.

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