AEW Star Talks Being “Miserable” After CM Punk Feud

Posted: 12/04/2022 in AEW
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Eddie Kingston has admitted that he tried to stay away from everybody backstage during and after his stellar AEW feud with CM Punk.

Kingston told the ‘Wrestling Perspective’ podcast that he “had to walk away so I could break out of that mental state where I just wanted to kill everybody”. Ooft. The All Elite star was so wound up by some of the “real” things he and Punk had said to one another during promos, and he didn’t want “to be miserable the whole day” afterwards.

That’s why he kept himself to himself for a while.

Both guys had been waiting a long time to say some things to one another, and they didn’t hold back even on TV. Post-fiery showdowns on Dynamite and Rampage, Kingston found himself ready for war, but he made sure not to take that anger out on anyone else.

Punk and Eddie worked a celebrated singles match at AEW’s Full Gear pay-per-view on 13 November 2021. It was cathartic for Kingston, but he found himself in a dangerous mental state after those early verbal back-and-forth skits.

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