Eric Bischoff On His Appreciation For FTR, How They’ve Set Themselves Apart From Other Wrestlers

Posted: 12/04/2022 in AEW
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In a recent edition of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed his appreciation for FTR, how FTR has set themselves apart from other wrestlers, and much more. You can read Eric Bischoff’s comments below.

Eric Bischoff on his appreciation for FTR and how FTR has set themselves apart from other wrestlers: “I watched Dynamite because of FTR. These guys are just so committed. That’s the one thing I’ve noticed. Social media, I take it with a grain of salt as most people should. But certain people are consistent with the way they present themselves to the public. They’re authentic and real. I’ve talked about Becky Lynch and why I became a fan of Becky Lynch, which is essentially because she did such a great job – I’m talking early 2019 – with her social media. She stood out amongst the rest. She used social media differently than so many other people. That’s what caught my attention. FTR is doing the same thing in their way. They’re not portraying a character. That’s who these two guys are. How do you not become a fan of them? And then on top of it, to overdeliver, not only from their execution and athletic presentation and some of the dynamic things they do, but they’re true to their style which means they’re true to their character. They’re staying true to their entire backstory. I just dig that. I’ve always been fans of theirs.

“Obviously, being around AEW a little bit and being backstage, I got to talk to them a little bit and more importantly, watch them. Watch them interact backstage and watch them with their promos. I was just a fly on the wall and went ‘wow, these two are different.’ I’m not taking away from anybody else, but these two are kind of the real deal. They’re not trying to be a wrestler and not trying to be a character. They’re just themselves and they love to wrestle. They’re staying true to themselves and their brand and as people. These are grounded guys. When you are able to live your real life and your work is an extension of who you are as opposed to being a mirage of who you are, that’s the kind of character I really gravitate towards, and we’re seeing that with FTR.”

On the importance of talent convincing the audience to believe in their actions: “As a talent, if you’re not feeling it and it’s not real to you, it’s not real to the audience. The audience is smart enough to see the difference. Professional wrestlers are not trained actors and actresses. For the most part, you’re learning as you’re growing. Some people just have it, and part of that is staying true to who you are and not trying to portray something you’re not. That’s an art, and you have to be really good at that to convince the audience to believe it. That’s acting. But when you’re able to be yourself and what you do in the ring is an extension of what you truly believe, you go off on a different ride. And again, that’s FTR and there are others like that. But I think FTR, right now in this moment with the heightened awareness and everybody competing for attention, these guys broke way the fuck out of the pack.”

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