Iconic WWE Tag-Team “Lived Totally Separate Lives”

Posted: 15/04/2022 in WWE
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Most wrestling fans out there might imagine that Billy Gunn and Road Dogg became good friends behind the scenes when they started tagging together as the New Age Outlaws in 1997.

Not quite.

Road Dogg told listeners tuning into his new ‘Oh…You Didn’t Know?’ podcast that he and Gunn never actually spent much time together on the road; Billy was disgusted to see an inebriated Dogg pissing into an air conditioner when they tried rooming together, and that was that.

Billy lasted one night in a hotel room with his new onscreen partner!

It was X-Pac who became Road Dogg’s regular roomie instead. This doesn’t mean that the Outlaws hated one another, but they definitely “lived totally separate lives”. Gunn was a body guy, and he took care of himself during tours. Meanwhile, Dogg loved a party and was lapping up the fame that came with being part of the WWF’s ‘Attitude’ days.

Road Dogg and Billy didn’t become firm friends until years later. They’ve been through a lot together, including getting sober. Today, their relationship is “ironclad”, and Dogg counts Gunn as one of his besties.

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