DDP Wants ECW Original To Join Accountability Crib

Posted: 18/04/2022 in WWE
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From Jake Roberts to Scott Hall to Buff Bagwell, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page, has done a lot of good helping out his fellow wrestlers over the years. Now it appears he wants to help out another wrestler; former ECW Heavyweight Champion Sabu.

On Thursday, a Facebook account called WrestleBotch posted a clip of Sabu hitting a moonsault onto Rob Van Dam while the latter was lying on a stretcher from an old ECW show. This prompted DDP to comment on the clip, saying that Sabu should come and seek out the former WCW World Champion.

“My man needs to come see me,” DDP posted.

As of this time Sabu has yet to comment on DDP’s comment. In the past, Sabu has been open about his battle with substance abuse, particularly his use of pain medication. The 37-year-old pro has remained active in wrestling through 2021, though he has yet to wrestle a match in 2022.

DDP’s most recent wrestler to enter his “Accountability Crib”, Buff Bagwell, has seen a big boost in his reputation. The former WCW star has quickly become a fan favorite on Twitter for his takes on wrestling, his open-mindedness, and positivity.

Bagwell recently got into a Twitter exchange with Adam Scherr, better known as former WWE star Braun Strowman, though he quickly defused it when Scherr apologized.

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