Impact Star Is Reportedly Offered A Short-Term Contract Extension

Posted: 24/04/2022 in Impact Wrestling
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Earlier this January, Maria Kanellis, her husband Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, and other Ring of Honor stars invaded Impact Wrestling to introduce their “Honor No More” stable. Eddie Edwards joined the group as their leader and they have been trying to take over Impact ever since.

One of the stars of Honor No More, Maria Kanellis, is playing her role well enough in the company that they are reportedly offering her an extension to her current deal. According to FightfulMaria was offered more time on her contract going forward. However, it is also noted that other members of Honor No More have not been signed to contracts as of April 1. Those particular members are still working per-appearance deals with Impact.

Along with Impact, Maria also confirmed that she’s in talks with Tony Khan about possibly returning to Ring of Honor to help with their women’s division. She previously held a seat on the board of directors before the company announced a hiatus and was subsequentially bought out by Khan.

“[Tony Khan] has reached out to me,” Kanellis-Bennett told PWPonderings. “So now we’re just trying to find a time to get on the phone and discuss things further. So, I’m hopeful that that happens soon. You know, I’m thankful and appreciative that he even reached out to me because I love Ring of Honor.

“A piece of my soul might have died a little bit when I was released from the company last year because last year was so fulfilling. I loved working with that [Ring of Honor women’s] division. So, I’m hopeful that we do find time to communicate. And a lot of our friends are trying to make sure that we get in touch and all that kind of stuff. So, I will keep everybody posted as things come into play.”

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