Title Change On AEW Dynamite

Posted: 28/04/2022 in AEW
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Scorpio Sky is your new AEW TNT Champion, defeating Sammy Guevara in a ladder match on Dynamite that featured a decent amount of gaga.

Sky ended Guevara’s third run with the title, winning back the championship he lost less than two weeks ago. The win punctuates a feud that has been somewhat confusing to track, as Scorpio, Ethan Page and American Top Team started the rivalry as the clear heels, but by the time Sammy ended Sky’s first reign, he and girlfriend Tay Conti were getting far more boos from fans.

Wednesday’s ladder match was a decent main event, but it devolved into a sideshow when Conti interfered and Paige VanZant ran down to even things up. The women brawled a bit and even jumped on the opposing man’s back as they tried to climb the ladder. Eventually, both women were taken out of the match and things settled back into a battle for the title.

Sky’s victory celebration included congratulations from former tag partner Frankie Kazarian, who had been promised the first TNT Championship title shot after stepping aside to let Scorpio challenge Guevara. Sky ended the night as the clear babyface, which raises interesting questions because Dan Lambert is about the farthest thing from a fan favorite, so you have to wonder what’s going to happen with that dynamic.

As for Sammy and Tay, their PDA-driven shtick has easily steered fans against them, so expect them to lean into it even more, possibly with Guevara becoming a full-on douche heel with a hot girlfriend.

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