Female WWE Superstar Says She’s “Waiting On WWE’s Call”

Posted: 02/05/2022 in WWE
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Alexa Bliss is currently “just waiting on the call” from WWE.

The AWOL Raw star told ‘Adam’s Apple‘ that she’s been “ready to go since before Saudi Arabia”. Bliss worked an Elimination Chamber bout over in Saudi on 19 February, but then disappeared from screens during the rest of WWE’s build towards WrestleMania 38.

Missing the most lucrative portion of the entire year (‘Mania) can’t have been an easy pill to swallow for Alexa, but WWE wouldn’t budge and bring her back. Things haven’t been too depressing for Bliss though – she married singer Ryan Cabrera earlier this month.

Her personal life is erm…bliss, but the wrestler would love a TV return to WWE programming soon. Adam’s Apple host Adam Glyn outright asked Alexa when she’d show up again on Raw or SmackDown. That’s when Bliss told him that WWE just need to pick up the phone ASAP.

Nobody seems to have any clue where Alexa’s character will be headed when she does launch a comeback. There is a chance that WWE will tone down her post-Bray Wyatt ‘Fiend’ gimmick and try something different.

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