Tessa Blanchard’s Future With WOW In Jeopardy Ahead of First Tapings

Posted: 04/05/2022 in Impact Wrestling
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It appears that there is more controversy surrounding pro-wrestling superstar and former IMPACT World Champion, Tessa Blanchard.

Blanchard signed with WOW (Women of Wrestling) last October and was one of the promotion’s hottest acts, so much so that her signing was announced alongside WOW’s newest syndication deal with ViacomCBS. However, it now appears that Blanchard’s stint with the company is in jeopardy.

According to Fightful Select, several names have come forward to reveal that once again there are allegations against Blanchard, and the two sides had a bit of a falling out after she deactivated all of her social media channels. This news comes only a day before WOW’s scheduled television tapings in Los Angeles.

A source told the publication that Blanchard got heat from the roster after she “tore apart” Samantha Sage during a workshop class this past April. Apparently, it was bad enough that several of the trainees had to speak up.

A different source revealed that Blanchard is no longer in charge of training talent and that Selina Majors now heads that department. This same source later implied that Blanchard may only get work in the Mexico wrestling circuit going forward due to the reputation she has built for herself in the U.S.

One former star of WOW told Fightful that they believe Blanchard is done with the company entirely, although that is not confirmed. However, it was teased that there has been a major shift from WOW’s original plan last fall.

As a reminder, Blanchard had a number of accusations over the last two years for problematic behavior, which included racially charged comments and causing issues with other established talents. This was right around the time that Blanchard had her ugly departure from IMPACT, where the promotion stripped her of their world championship.

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