Drew McIntyre Comments On WWE Creative Frustrations In 2021

Posted: 07/05/2022 in WWE
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Drew McIntyre wasn’t too happy with his creative direction in 2021.

Put SmackDown star Drew McIntyre down as one of the superstars who found themselves in an odd place in 2021, mostly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic saw WWE hold their events from the self-made Thunderdome for the balance of 2021, which meant no live audience. Not having the life-blood of pro wrestling in attendance coupled with questionable creative direction, the former WWE Champion had a bit of a hard time navigating himself through what he called [at times], ‘not so interesting’ storylines.

“It got to a point where things went off track, in my opinion a little bit,” McIntyre explained when speaking with Alfonso A. Castillo of New York Newsday. “And it was hard to tell, without the live fans there, if it would have been okay. Right about the time where I fought Lashley a couple of times, I was telling these interesting—or, not so interesting—Scottish stories. That period maybe was not one of my favorites. But, hey, send me a challenge and I’m going to try and pull it off.

“Nonetheless, there was a period where I felt like, ‘This doesn’t feel like it’s quite working right.’ I remember I did an interview at Money in the Bank, the first live show with fans back in attendance. When I first popped up on the screen, I heard the big cheers. But I also heard some boos.  And I try to be a self-aware superstar in every way. And I’m a fan, so I feel like I have a good gauge about what’s working and what’s not working. And if someone told me, ‘You’re going to tell this glorious story about the Loch Ness Monster,’ I would have said, ‘No, I’m not.’”

McIntyre, despite much speculation, says Vince McMahon never makes somebody do something they’re against, which is why he [McIntyre] has no issue in speaking up against what he deems as not-so-great creative.

“I would not do something that I’m convinced is not going to work, unless I’m told by the man himself [WWE chairman Vince McMahon], ‘You’re doing this,’ — which, he’s not going to do,” proclaimed McIntyre. “A lot of people would just take the paper and complain privately to people in the locker room, perhaps, or to themselves, and then, maybe down the line if they’re not with the company anymore, in interviews, rather than trying to work together with the creative writer you’re with and saying, ‘It doesn’t feel like me.’ And if you really feel strongly about it, go to the boss himself. I know a lot of people are intimidated to go to Mr. McMahon. But, in the end, he’s the boss of the company where you work.

“In an office, if you want a promotion, or if you have a significant question about your life and career, you go to the manager of the office. In our world, Vince gets the final say. And he’s very open. His door is always open. He’s always going to listen. If you feel strongly about something, he wants to hear your opinion, because he wants the best show possible.”

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