Former Multi-Time Women’s Champion Returns On WWE Raw

Posted: 10/05/2022 in Sports, WWE
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Alexa Bliss made her return to WWE Raw Monday night, showing up as a surprise opponent for the recently deposed Sonya Deville.

Bliss ran through a distraught Deville, who was clearly distracted by learning that she had been fired as a WWE official moments before the match. The win was her first televised victory since SummerSlam 2021.

We last saw Alexa at Elimination Chamber, where she competed in the chamber match as a late entrant. Prior to that, WWE aired a series of videos documenting Bliss’ journey through therapy to return to Raw. The vignettes seemed designed to transition Alexa away from her Fiend-adjacent character to something more closely resembling the Bliss we knew more than a year ago. But then she was just the same childlike character in a jumper at Elimination Chamber.

Bliss notably was not included in any activities during WrestleMania weekend, then was off to get married to singer Ryan Cabrera. She’s commented on social media a few times about how WWE didn’t seem to have any plans for her.

Monday, however, Bliss was closer to her old self, wearing ring gear similar to her old style, and carrying a Lilly doll that she didn’t talk to and didn’t rely on for special powers. It just seemed like something she carried, like a 2×4 or sword.

Sadly, we didn’t get any kind of explanation of why she was returning or hint at a future direction for Bliss, which diminished her return. Hopefully, we’ll get something much more substantive next week, and fingers crossed that this time WWE actually has something planned for Little Miss Bliss.

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