AEW Wrestler Says He Had ‘Issues Trusting Billionaires’

Posted: 11/05/2022 in AEW
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AEW’s Keith Lee had trouble trusting billionaires after some negative experiences over in WWE.

Lee told ‘MackMania‘ that this caused “trust issues” which kinda got in the way when he first met Tony Khan for talks about signing on the dotted line for All Elite. Big Keith wanted assurances that he wouldn’t be jumping from one poor situation into another immediately.

Khan was only too happy to put his mind at rest.

Those conversations helped Lee “dispel” a lot of the perceptions he had about wealthy men in charge of top wrestling companies. If that sounds a little silly, then consider the final few months of Keith’s WWE run – his stint as ‘Bearcat’ on Raw was an abominable reminder of how quickly things can sink.

Nobody could claim with 100% accuracy that Lee’s AEW career has exactly taken off onscreen, but the man is a lot happier with his current employer than he was with his old one. Some friendly, “get to know one another” meetings with Tony were essential for putting Keith’s mind at ease and letting him know that he’d be content in All Elite Wrestling.

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