CM Punk Brutally Buries Eric Bischoff & “Bad Take Carny Dipshits”

Posted: 11/05/2022 in AEW, Sports
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CM Punk hit Twitter for an incendiary burial of former WCW executive Eric Bischoff and wrestling pundits of his ilk on Tuesday, calling for online wrestling fans to stop amplifying their content.

Tweeting in response to user @BackupHangman, who had quote-tweeted a clip from Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast (in which Eric claimed AEW needed to improve itself storytelling to grow its audience), Punk called for the “old head bad faith bad take carny dipshits” to “die in the dark with their ego podcasts”:

Bischoff, whose 83 Weeks, Strictly Business, and Eric Fires Back podcasts are hosted on Conrad Thompson’s, made several tweets in response, with this the most notable:

Punk decided against engaging with the 66-year-old further.

The last of Bischoff’s semi-regular AEW appearances came in May 2021, when he hosted a segment featuring The Inner Circle. Since then, the former WCW chief has become one of the promotion’s most notable mainstream critics, conceding, at one stage, that it is unlikely he will ever be invited back by AEW president Tony Khan.

A cottage industry of pundits whose content revolves primarily about bashing AEW, often in the face of logic and data, has sprung up since the promotion’s 2019 inception. Punk’s initial tweet echoes a view shared by many: that quote-tweeting, dunking, and replying only gives oxygen to what are perceived to be bad-faith criticisms. Regular 83 Weeks listeners will obviously disagree.

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