AEW Returning To Arthur Ashe Stadium For Grand Slam 2022

Posted: 12/05/2022 in AEW
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All Elite Wrestling is heading back to Arthur Ashe Stadium for Grand Slam 2022.

AEW founder and president Tony Khan suggested as much in a new interview with News 12, calling Grand Slam 2021 a “huge success” after saying he expects to return to the 23,000-seater arena for Dynamite and Rampage tapings:

“I expect we’ll be back to have AEW Grand Slam Dynamite and Rampage back in Queen’s at Arthur Ashe Stadium again. It was a huge success for everyone involved and it’s all thanks to this great partnership with the USTA. They were so kind and I think it resulted in a big partnership. It was almost the first million dollar gate in AEW history, just came shy of that but it was real close. We will be back and it will be another hopefully huge success going back to Queen’s for AEW Grand Slam Dynamite and Rampage later this year in 2022 again.”

Then, during last night’s television tapings in Long Island, Khan told the New York state audience that he would “see them in a few months for AEW Grand Slam” (h/t Figure Four Online/The Wrestling Observer).

AEW has not yet confirmed a date for its return to Queens, New York City, though the previous Grand Slam was an immense success, drawing over 20,000 fans on a night that hosted Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson’s critically lauded first-time-ever match.

With Grand Slam 2021 taking place on 22 September, it’s likely reasonable to expect something similar in 2022.

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