Ex-WWE Announcer “Open” To Working With AEW

Posted: 14/05/2022 in AEW
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Former WWE backstage interviewer and commentator Renee Paquette has said she’d be “open” to working with AEW soon.

However, Paquette told NBC Sports that she ideally wouldn’t return to pro wrestling TV as a backstage announcer. She’s been there, done that, and is more interested in trying out something that ties in with her ‘Sessions’ podcast.

Explaining, Renee said a gig like this might include “some real great personality profiles” that’d help develop characters for Dynamite, Rampage and AEW pay-per-view. This is something Paquette dabbled with in WWE before leaving in 2020 – the company produced several sit-downs with stars like Bobby Lashley, Paul Heyman and more.

Renee is dead set against doing more commentary too. She tried that on for size in WWE, but didn’t really take to her role as a colour analyst behind the desk. The whole experience left Paquette cold, and she wouldn’t be up for trying it again in AEW.

She told the site that it’d be important to “find that sweet spot”, because doing more of the same old stuff she was doing for years elsewhere doesn’t sound too appealing.

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