Tay Conti And Sammy Guevara Address AEW Fans Turning On Them

Posted: 18/05/2022 in AEW
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AEW’s Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti recently spoke with Rasslin’ about how the wrestling fans have recently started to turn on them. Since the pair became a couple, the AEW audience has begun to slowly turn on the duo, which has been clear on television.

Despite the fact that they have been getting booed out of the building, Tay isn’t sure that people dislike them, “I don’t feel any different right now, people still love us.”

Sammy Guevara then discussed the reason that the relationship between them and the fans has changed believing that it is the people that are different. In his opinion, they are still the same as they always have been.

“What changed? The people changed, we are still the same people,” he said. “We are still the beautiful Tay Conti here, the Brazilian Goddess, the Spanish God, doing all these crazy things in the ring. I am still the same person, she’s still the same person.”

The couple are currently the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions and have been feuding with American Top Team as of late in AEW. During this rivalry, Sammy Guevara believes that fake fans have exposed themselves with their hate and for him, all their core audience still provides support.

“I think really what happened was the people exposed themselves. I don’t think people hate us, I think the fake people exposed themselves for being fake, the real people are still there. Our core audience, the people who have always supported us, still support us.”

Tay Conti then added to that, questioning why anyone would actually hate them, “I mean, we did nothing wrong for people to hate us, that’s what I am saying. Why? Why would they hate us?”

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