WWE Star Shoots On Having “Imposter Syndrome”

Posted: 04/06/2022 in Sports, WWE
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Reigning Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair says she “deals with imposter syndrome” weekly.

Belair told Corey Graves on WWE’s very own ‘After The Bell’ podcast that she was especially crippled with self-doubts before working Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38 this past April; amazingly, Bianca actually found that match more nerve-racking than the previous year’s headliner vs. Sasha Banks.

Back then, Belair had nothing to compare the experience to. So, she went into ‘Mania 37 with a remarkable peace of mind and stole the show. By 2022 though? Yeah, things were a little different for her.

Bianca told Corey that she’s been downloading a lot of books about imposter syndrome on her Kindle. They’ve been invaluable, because they helped her realise that she’s far from alone. Countless “elite athletes, actors and people in our profession” all struggle with the same thing.

That’s been comforting to Belair.

Behind the curtain at ‘Mania 38, Bianca kept repeating the same line to herself over and over: “F*ck you, imposter syndrome. Forget you, imposter syndrome”. Nerves threatened to take over and wreck her night, but she managed to keep calm in the end.

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