Arn Anderson Now Owns Infamous Wrestling Trademark

Posted: 06/06/2022 in AEW, Sports
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Arn Anderson will now be able to enforce his rights as the sole proprietor to a faction he’s synonymous with. Anderson announced on Twitter earlier today that he now legally owns the trademark to “4 HORSEMEN.” Wrestling Inc. has confirmed with “Gimmick Attorney” Mike Dockins that the USPTO registration is for “THE FOUR HORSEMEN” but legally Anderson now owns both spellings.

“I now own the 4 Horsemen trademark and for those fans that missed out on original 4 Horsemen merchandise, it will soon be available on,” he tweeted. “The Tradition of Excellence LIVES on.”

Anderson will be reunited with four other of his Horsemen when Starrcast V takes place in Nashville, TN during SummerSlam weekend at the end of July. Joining him for a special panel will be AEW colleague Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, JJ Dillon, and Ric Flair. Starrcast V will have a heavy eye on Flair as he’s billed to participate in his last match which will take place under the Jim Crockett Promotions banner, a trademark Conrad Thompson now owns the rights to. Starrcast is already making the most of Anderson’s ownership of the Horsemen trademark by promoting tees with the classic Horsemen logo on them.

Anderson is one of the several luminaries working for AEW. He along with his son Brock Anderson are on the roster, but both haven’t been seen much on television since Cody Rhodes left the company earlier in the year.

“We’re kind of in limbo as you could imagine but we’re there,” Arn said on an April episode of “The Arn Show.” “Brock has had some matches on [AEW] Dark, hope everybody is finding those and supporting him in that venture. It really is the best way and only way to get some reps in and it be televised, it’s just a different vehicle you have to go to to get it, being on YouTube.”

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