AEW’s MJF Bound For Hollywood?

Posted: 09/06/2022 in AEW
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Fightful Select reported overnight that MJF is actively exploring opportunities in cinema.

Indeed – if any of this is to be believed of course, since this could all be an elaborate, sophisticated work – he was purported to have hung around the Los Angeles area as the remaining AEW crew headed to Ontario for last Friday’s live Rampage taping. This fuelled rumours swirling around the locker room that MJF had arranged meetings with Hollywood executives last week. MJF has already let slip to Ariel Helwani that he has recorded a voice part for an upcoming, as yet unannounced animated movie scheduled for release in 2023.

He’d be excellent on the silver screen – again, if any of this is true. He might even escape typecasting as a heel; his emotional promo covering his traumatic early school years on Dynamite in February displayed a superb range. Of course, this clashes with his “bidding war of ’24” bit, but then, it just adds a more interesting wrinkle to this unsolvable puzzle.



Bantering off wrestling altogether?

Flitting between both disciplines is something his hero Roddy Piper did once he made it huge in the mainstream…

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