Christian Cage TURNS On AEW’s Jungle Boy, Lays Him Out

Posted: 16/06/2022 in AEW
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An eventful night on AEW Dynamite ended with perhaps one of the more anticipated (as in, fans expected it to happen at some point) turns, as Christian Cage blindsided Jungle Boy and leveled him with a one-man conchairto, effectively ending their partnership.

Cage had served as a mentor to Jungle Boy for about a year, acting a de factor manager and occasional trios partner for Jurassic Express. The duo captured the AEW World Tag Team Championship in January, which they lost Wednesday night to the Young Bucks.

Afterward, Christian entered the ring to help Jungle Boy up, only to drop him with a Killswitch before retrieving two chairs and putting Jack Perry down.

The turn has been something fans have kept a wary eye out for for some time, as it was the logical conclusion to this mentorship. Recently, Christian dropped hints as he expressed frustration with Jungle Boy losing a handful of matches. At one point, Cage even called Jungle Jack a loser, but then followed up with some encouragement.

The partnership between the veteran and just-turned-25-year-old star has been hugely beneficial for Jungle Boy, but the impending feud could be equally helpful to the youngster.

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