“The Door Is Open” – Paige Headed To Impact Wrestling?

Posted: 16/06/2022 in Impact Wrestling
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“The door is open” for Paige to debut in Impact Wrestling when her WWE tenure formally comes to an end on July 7th.

Fellow former Divas Champion and current Impact producer Gail Kim was asked about the potential of the two sides working together during an interview with SEScoops, and wasn’t;

“Never say never. I love Paige, I admire everything that she’s done for women’s wrestling. She also came up kind of in that period where maybe it was so powerful — what it is now.Women’s wrestling is probably at its best right now with main eventing. Pay-per-views, shows, it’s not an irregular thing for that to happen. So you know, Paige was part of that process. I have nothing but respect for her in and outside of the ring. And hey, if she wants to come over to IMPACT Wrestling I feel like the door is open. So, come on over, Paige!”

The former Divas Champion announced that she’d no longer be with the organisation going forward after over a decade with the organisation. A statement about the departure posted to Twitter alluded to a possible in-ring return, which rapidly expedited speculation that either AEW or Impact Wrestling could be her next destination. With no no-compete to contend with, the return could be soon, too.

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