Vince McMahon Faces Trial Over XFL Funds, Being Sued For $23.8 Million

Posted: 16/06/2022 in XFL
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In a story entirely unrelated to the Vince McMahon news currently dominating the cycle, the WWE Chairman is set to go to trial over a compensation claim relating to the XFL.

The Athletic’s Daniel Kaplan reported that McMahon and former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck are suing each other after settlement talks broke down after just nine minutes.

Pro Football Talk had the full story, noting that Luck is suing McMahon for $23.8million in compensation from his former XFL contract after providing a personal guarantee that he’d be paid. In response, McMahon has countersued with allegations that the XFL’s parent company Alpha Entertainment incurred damages of over $572,000 as a result of Luck breaching his contract and associated duties.

McMahon officially relaunched the XFL under the Alpha Entertainment banner in January 2018, with the football itself kicking back off in February 2020. Operations were subsequently suspended at the onset of the global pandemic, and Luck and the rest of the XFL staff were all let go in April. XFL filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings just days later.

The pair will go to trial on July 11th.

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