Report: WWE Believes They Can ‘Clone’ Sasha Banks

Posted: 17/06/2022 in WWE
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The mystery surrounding the potential departure of Sasha Banks from WWE has deepened; Banks herself appears to have rubbished Raj Giri’s report of her being released on an Instagram story, but Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast was able to confirm that her “attorneys” were working towards it.

Zarian has also confirmed WWE’s feelings on the matter in the event of her exit actually happening. Apparently, the promotion is under the belief that they “clone” her.

Long-time fans of WWE will know the practise to which Zarian is referring; WWE has attempted to “clone” The Rock several times over the years by promoting the likes of Seth Rollins in 2019 as a stand-up comedian of sorts.

“In their minds, they could clone Sasha with somebody else and have her fit that role, and no problem. It is now a role you are playing,” Zarian explained. He elaborated by revealing that most WWE talents, with the exception of the Brock Lesnar, Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns types, are perceived as “mid-level actors”.

Cloning Sasha should be a doddle; all they need to do is pick somebody, anybody, because any wrestler will do for the role of a generational talent who remains the highest-drawing figure of WWE’s post-March 2020 pandemic era.

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