WWE Wrestler: “Mentally, I Get Very Bored”

Posted: 17/06/2022 in WWE
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WWE star Alexa Bliss has told ‘The Residency‘ podcast that she gets “very bored” and loves “not knowing what [she’s] doing tomorrow”. That, according to Bliss, is why she gets on so well with the company’s creative process.

When asked to clarify just how far in advance WWE stories are mapped out, Alexa said: “Not very far”. She finds that “fascinating” though, because it lets her tweak certain aspects of her work depending on how live crowds respond in arenas – Bliss isn’t locked in to a certain direction, basically, and she likes that freedom.

“I don’t like getting comfortable with one character”, she added.

This would explain why Alexa’s on-screen persona has been erratic over the past few years. She’s gone from a coffee-drinking talk show host to Bray Wyatt’s possessed minion (and, eventually, the ‘Fiend’s’ destroyer) and back again.

Bliss told the pod that “you have to adapt”. If fans don’t like something, then she won’t keep doing it. However, if they respond to something off the cuff, then Alexa makes mental notes to keep pressing those buttons during her matches/promos.

“Mentally, I get very bored” is how she summed it up.

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