Bobby Lashley Discusses The Hurt Business’ Impact On Black Representation

Posted: 18/06/2022 in WWE
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Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley joins his former ‘The Hurt Business’ faction members in the newest episode of WWE “Table For 3”, now available to stream on the Peacock Network.

During the conversation, Lashley explained how the presentation of three successful, classy black athletes during their runs made an impact on children watching at home.

“We were able to give our audience a different look at black talent because, before, it was always like you had to be militant, or dancing, or you had to be this or that. I was like, ‘No, man. All of us make good money. We carry ourselves in a certain way so we don’t have to be thugs, we don’t have to be this, we don’t have to be that,’ we can show kids such as my son and kids growing up that these three black athletes that are very talented, they can do anything else, but at the same time, they’re not a thug, they’re not tap dancing, they’re not doing any of this.

“We’re dressing nice and that was one thing we made sure that we did all the time is come as the character that we wanted to be which was professionals; that’s where the ‘business’ part came into it. I loved everything about it and I think it transcended so many different areas that we want, that we got locked into, and I think so many people saw that. I got a couple messages on Instagram, they took pictures of their son like, ‘My son went in the closet, put on a little suit after he saw you.’ That’s incredible, that made me feel good.”

The stable, originally formed in the Summer of 2020, was generally well-received by the pro wrestling world during its initial run. However, it took WWE less than a year before they decided to break the group up and go in a new direction. 

The group would later reunite on the September 27, 2021, episode of WWE “Raw”. But after less than 4 months back together, on the January 10, 2022, episode of the Red Brand, Bobby Lashley told Alexander and Benjamin that he now worked alone, once again breaking up the group. Later that night, the duo of Alexander and Benjamin would attack Lashley, confirming MVP and Lashley’s departure and dissolving the team into separate entities.

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