Backstage Update On Triple H’s NXT Status

Posted: 01/07/2022 in WWE
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Triple H may have declared himself “back” in NXT following a visit to the WWE Performance Center last week, but the brand’s former executive producer wasn’t backstage for this week’s show.

This is according to POST Wrestling’s John Pollock. The regular NXT 2.0 crew ran the show on Tuesday, with Hunter apparently not at the tapings.

Pollock broke the news of Triple H’s PC speech and return declaration on 22 June:

The 52-year-old also told those at the Performance Center that was looking forward to working with the people there whom he hadn’t collaborated before. There remains no word on what, exactly, his apparent comeback means or what his new NXT role will involve, though it sounds like it didn’t require him to be present for this week’s broadcast.

Triple H oversaw NXT’s creation as a brand and transition from Florida Championship Wrestling in June 2012. He served as its executive director until last summer, when severe heart failure hospitalised him, though he returned to work for WWE earlier this year.

NXT has overgone a complete overhaul in Triple H’s absence, transforming from black-and-gold super indie to a purer developmental territory focusing on greener prospects and broader creative strokes.

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