Jim Ross Health Update: AEW Announcer Dealing With “Orange-Sized Lump” On Leg

Posted: 01/07/2022 in AEW
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Jim Ross has been cancer free since December 2021, when he announced that treatment on his lower left leg had been successful, though the AEW announcer is still in a lot of pain.

A recent episode of Ross’ podcast, Grilling JR, saw the wrestling legend reveal that he currently has an orange-sized lump on his body. Although his doctor has issued a course of antibiotics, Ross plans on seeing a specialist to determine if more can be done.

Said JR (h/t WrestlingNews.co):

“I had skin cancer. I got a lesion on my ankle the size of an orange. It’s ugly and grotesque. I got a text today from my oncologist. The good news is I don’t have skin cancer any longer, but the wound has not healed and it’s terribly painful. I’m going back to see my doctor. He’s got me on some strong antibiotics. I’m taking three of them a day which is strong for me. He’s going to turn me over to a wound specialist, which I’ve never even heard of. So I’m going to a wound specialist to see if I can get some relief from this bad thing and expedite the healing process.”

Ross then revealed the extent of his pain, stating that basic things like walking, standing up for extended periods, and sleeping with his wounds uncovered have become difficult:

“Walking, standing on my feet for extended lengths of times is very challenging. Something that simplistic. I have to be careful and be smart not to bump into this wound. I have to keep this thing covered up and padded up so I don’t inadvertently bump into something on that wound, which is the kiss of death. My sheets wake me up. My sheets, lying on this wound when I don’t have it covered, is not good.”

Travelling isn’t the easiest thing in the world for Ross at the moment either. Speaking on Ask JR Live for AdFreeShows, the 70-year-old stated that cabin pressure and other factors make his foot swell, causing pain (h/t Wrestling Inc.):

“My foot swells so badly on the airplanes and the pain is just a little bit unbearable. Today was a horrible, horrible day. Cause I was in the airplane for so damn long, and the pressure of the cabin and all this stuff and just a bunch of rigmarole … It’s going to be great, it’s going to be a hell of an event. I’d like to go just to watch, so I don’t know yet.”

Jim was present in the AEW announce booth for the promotion’s last two shows, Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts, but not for the duration.

All the best to Ross as he deals with this latest issue.

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