Mick Foley Almost Had This Valet In Canceled Creative Pitch From 1996

Posted: 17/07/2022 in WWE
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Sable almost linked up with Mick Foley’s Mankind character on-screen in WWE.

Foley told fans tuning into his ‘Foley Is Pod‘ show that Jim Cornette called him up and relayed news that Vince McMahon wanted to ‘take Rena off Marc Mero’ in the spring of 1997. According to Cornette, the boss planned to have Sable double up with Paul Bearer as Mick’s manager.

Immediately, Foley “got that sinking” feeling, because he knew it’d lead to a feud vs. Mero and he definitely didn’t want that; Mick liked Marc as a person behind the scenes, but he didn’t want to work with him in front of the cameras. If he was being honest, he’d say the same for Sable.

Co-host Conrad Thompson pulled some more truths out of Foley. The legend had a sour taste in his mouth after watching Mero ink a guaranteed contract with the then-WWF. Meanwhile, he’d signed on “for an opportunity”, and didn’t quite have the concrete guarantees that his old WCW alumni did.

McMahon eventually cancelled plans to pull Sable away from Marc and put her with Bearer and Mankind. That was probably for the best.

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