Controversial Ex-WWE Star Calls Herself ‘A Vince McMahon Girl’

Posted: 19/07/2022 in WWE
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Former WWE star Nia Jax has described herself as “a Vince [McMahon] girl”.

Nia told the ‘Wives Of Wrestling’ podcast that she struck up a great rapport with McMahon during her time with the company, because the boss knew that he could rely on her to do pretty much anything the company’s creative team asked.

According to Jax, that’s why she was rewarded with dual berths in both the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches in 2019. Afterwards, Nia recalls getting “hammered” at the bar – everybody congratulated her and kept buying Jax shots.

It wasn’t until somebody pointed out that it was a huge show of faith from Vince to put her in both matches that things clicked for Nia. She decided to approach McMahon and thank him. His response? “I wanted to see you get your a*s kicked”.

Vince was joking, of course.

Jax is “very grateful” that McMahon’s booking turned her into a success after moving up from NXT. That was never guaranteed, and Nia watched countless stars fade on the main roster. So, she’ll always consider herself “a Vince girl” going forwards.

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