WWE Legend On Current Product: “Nobody Sells Shit!”

Posted: 20/07/2022 in WWE
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Kevin Nash has blasted WWE’s current product.

The former World Champion said on his new podcast that “nobody has any heat”. In fact, the ex-Diesel thinks everyone is “athletic, but they don’t look like they can even throw a fucking punch”. Nash didn’t stop there, and his rant included criticism of modern wrestling generally.

‘Big Sexy’ thinks everything has turned into a relentless “spot fest” in the modern era. The action is so fast, he says, that Nash loves it when AEW goes to a picture-in-picture ad break: “I actually enjoy that more, because they’re going so fucking fast on a large screen TV you’re like…slow the fuck down!”.

Finally, Kevin revealed his number one issue with today’s product. “Nobody sells shit”. He believes things would be a lot better if workers slowed down to sell moves/strikes rather than quickly reaching for the next high spot.

Retired veterans criticising the current product is certainly nothing new, but there is some merit to what Nash is saying. WWE producer supremo Kevin Dunn has taken flak from fans for his erratic camera cuts that seem to happen every 0.2 seconds, for example.

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