Shocking Heel Turn In AEW Dynamite Main Event

Posted: 21/07/2022 in AEW
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AEW booked a main event full of twists and turns for last night’s special Fyter Fest episode of Dynamite, with Chris Jericho ultimately overcoming Eddie Kingston in their Barbed Wire Everywhere deathmatch thanks to multiple interferences.

One of these came from Anna Jay, who, to the audience’s surprise, turned heel and reunited with estranged partner Tay Conti.

TayJay served to dispatch Ruby Soho at ringside. Soho, who had her hand broken when Conti slammed it in a car door a few weeks ago, was safeguarding the controls to the shark cage suspending the Jericho Appreciation society above the ring. Jay initially hit ringside to neutralise Tay, who attacked Ruby mid-match, but ended up siding with her old partner, helping her beat Soho down before lowering the cage – and allowing the JAS to escape.

This facilitated the ending. Although Ortiz and the Blackpool Combat Club hit the ring to neutralise the Jericho Appreciation Society after their escape, Sammy Guevara came out afterwards, setting Jericho’s bout-winning Judas Effect up.

Jay was recently confronted by Conti in a backstage segment, with the Brazilian saying that if Anna had more of an edge, she might be on television more often. Having quietly gone their separate ways following Tay’s heel turn earlier this year, they now appear to be back together.

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