AEW Wrestler Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery

Posted: 24/07/2022 in AEW
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All Elite Wrestling star Santana has gone under the knife for reconstructive knee surgery.

Dave Meltzer reported as much in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, adding that the former Inner Circle member is expected to miss around eight months. In slightly more positive news, this would be on the more optimistic end of the 8-12 month window reported earlier this week.

Santana was hurt while competing in AEW’s sophomore Blood & Guts match on Dynamite’s 29 June episode. He barely got going in the match, with his knee collapsing from beneath him shortly after entering the ring, leading to him being taken out of the cage and led up the ramp. It was later revealed that he had suffered an ACL injury.

Recent reporting suggests that Santana and long-term tag team partner Ortiz no longer get along, which is backed up by their increasingly sparse two-on-two in-ring record. Per Fightful, AEW plans on continuing to use Ortiz regardless of Santana’s injury, rather than taking the approach of shelving the healthy partner while the other is injured (a common practice in other American promotions).

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