Bryan Danielson Reveals Original Plan For “Magic” WWE Moment

Posted: 13/08/2022 in WWE
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Bryan Danielson secretly planned to punch The Miz following their iconic face-to-face on WWE’s Talking Smack show in 2016.

The AEW star, who was working as SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan at the time, told Renee Paquette (during a live version of her ‘Sessions’ podcast at Starrcast V) that only he and Miz knew of that plan – WWE’s creative team had zero clue they were going to do anything other than bicker.

Of course, fans who recall the segment will know that Bryan didn’t actually sock the heel one at all. Why? Well, Danielson was so impressed by Miz’s fiery rant that he decided it’d ruin the moment if he stole the headlines. So, he walked off-set instead and decided against getting physical.

What a class act.

Bryan’s very words were: “I was going to f*cking deck him”. Neither he nor The Miz knew how WWE bosses would react if that happened, but they were willing to take the chance and turn their feud into one of wrestling’s most heated.

Danielson wasn’t cleared to wrestle at the time though, so he figures Vince McMahon would’ve been seriously pissed at him for throwing punches.

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