Ex-WWE Star Shoots On Possible Return: “Never Say Never”

Posted: 19/08/2022 in NWA
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Matt Cardona is refusing to rule out a return to WWE under Triple H.

The one-time Zack Ryder did say, however, that he’s currently having the most fun of his entire career. Cardona also told The Sports Hub’s ‘Wrestling Inside The Ropes’ podcast that it’d be “hard to trade that in just to be a name on the roster”.

Former ‘Long Island Iced-Z’ Matt has been there before, and he doesn’t fancy being lost in the mix on a packed WWE undercard. He’s quite enjoying the chance to make cracking money on the independent scene and in companies like IMPACT and the NWA.

Cardona admitted that he would “have a conversation” if Triple H picked up the phone and gave him a call. He’d be interested to hear what ‘The Game’ had to say, but isn’t about to put all of his eggs in one basket and bank on a WWE comeback.

One dealbreaker would be Matt’s podcast – he said that’d have to be “untouchable” and written into his contract before he’d even consider going back. “Never say never” was the phrase he used though.

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