AEW Piping In Crowd Noise Confirmed?

Posted: 22/08/2022 in AEW
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AEW have been piping in crowd noise on their recent programming.

That’s according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, with the veteran reporter’s recent response to a fan on Twitter seemingly confirming Tony Khan’s company relying on additional sound being added into the mix by the time Rampage arrives on TNT each Friday.

The question which provoked Dave’s notable response consisted of a fan tweeting out:

“Does AEW add sound? When watching the tag title match on Rampage there were a ton of loud “Swerve’s House” chants, but no one in the ringside section was Chanting. In fact they looked completely dead for the whole match, but the sound didn’t match.”

Sure enough, Meltzer would respond with a typically short and sweet quote-tweet answer of, “On Fridays they do”.

It’s not exactly a secret that AEW’s major rival in WWE haven’t been shy about adding in a little artificial additional noise/crowd reaction to their programming in recent times in order to make certain segments sound hotter than they actually are in real-life, or even paper over an unexpectedly negative response to a performer deemed as a babyface within the promotion’s walls.

News of AEW now apparently doing something similar may come as something of a shock to some All Elite die-hards.

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