Tegan Nox Reveals Why She Hasn’t Wrestled Since Being Released By WWE

Posted: 24/08/2022 in WWE
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“If I leave, I can’t come back. So I’ve got to stay here for a while.”

Nixon Newell (fka Tegan Nox) hasn’t wrestled since October. The former “WWE NXT” superstar was released from the company in November and has spent the months since inactive, but contrary to what some have asked, the Welsh wrestler hasn’t retired. She’s been caught up in red tape.

“I’ve been trying to get my green card for the last eight months,” Nox told the “Sappenin'” podcast. “So if I leave then I can’t come back … It’s just been a boring eight months, living in Orlando.”

Nox sounded frustrated with the situation, but she’s been trying to make the most of it, joking that she can “go to Disney World everyday” if she wants to.

“I can stay in America, I just can’t leave the States,” Nox said. “Because I haven’t got the visa or the green card, I can’t wrestle. So I keep getting messages, ‘Have you retired?’ No I just can’t. Legally. I can’t.”

Nox isn’t the only international wrestler dealing with visa issues. Former “NXT” Champion Finn Balor revealed earlier this year that he had to miss the Royal Rumble to get a new visa, and “WWE Raw” superstar Doudrop had to miss this year’s WrestleMania to get her own visa issues sorted out.

Nox’s plan for waiting out the visa and green card process is simple: chilling.

“I’ve just been chilling in the house, playing video games, going to Sad Summer Fest,” she said. “Chilling with my dogs. Chilling with my friends.”

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