WWE Raw Comeback Star Wants Shocking Heel Run

Posted: 27/08/2022 in WWE
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Trish Stratus would love to turn heel in 2022.

Stratus, who returned to screens on Monday’s episode of Raw, told ‘Ring The Belle‘ that it’d be “fun” to heel it up on TV again. Basically, Trish yearns to play the same evil character she did in 2000-2001, and again in 2004.

However, the Hall Of Famer is aware that wrestling fans might not accept “heel Trish” these days – she’s a bonafide company icon, and is credited as one of the earliest leading lights in what eventually became known as the “women’s revolution”. Sure, Stratus was a “WWE Diva”, but she broke down several barriers for women in the promotion during her core run.

Trish remains one of the most respected females to ever lace up some boots, and that would definitely make a heel turn tricky. She’d love to try it on for size though, and thinks a feud opposite Becky Lynch would be just the ticket.

Stratus also teased a match with Bayley on Monday’s flagship. Fans on Twitter already anticipate Trish vs. Bayley on pay-per-view before the year is out.

It could happen, but Stratus would rather go rogue.

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