Tay Melo Comments On Not Wrestling As Much As She Used To In AEW

Posted: 29/08/2022 in AEW
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Tay Melo (FKA Tay Conti) has wrestled only two singles matches for AEW this year — against TBS Champion Jade Cargill at the Revolution pay-per-view on March 6, and against Ameera at an “AEW Dark: Elevation” taping on January 11. Her other six matches have all been either tag team or multi-person bouts involving the likes of Sammy Guevera and Anna Jay.

Despite wrestling so seldom, at least as a singles wrestler, Melo has maintained her presence on AEW programming, be it through helping Jericho Appreciation Society win a Shark Cage match, slamming Ruby Soho’s hand with a car door, or invading American Top Team’s headquarters during her feud with Paige Van Zant

In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Melo credited AEW President Tony Khan for doing a masterful job of keeping her on TV despite not featuring her as a top contender for AEW’s two women’s championships.

“There’s one thing that Tony does really well. It’s like, trying to keep people on TV,” Melo said. “We just have three hours on TV a week, and we have like an entire roster. It’s crazy – it’s not enough time, you know, but I feel Tony does a really good job trying to keep everybody there. It’s a circle – sometimes it’s going to be your time and sometimes it’s going to be someone else’s moment.”

In comparison, Melo wrestled on a regular basis in 2021 – across TV and AEW’s YouTube shows – and the Brazilian has admittedly used those experiences to evolve as a performer

“I’m super grateful because, in 2021, I was having a great time,” Melo stressed. “I was on almost every pay-per-view. I feel like that was my opportunity to grow, and I took it really well. But right now, it’s somebody else’s moment, and that is okay because I’m not sitting in catering [and] doing nothing. Tony found a way to keep me on TV, which I appreciate so much. I know I’m not involved in title matches or crazy storylines, but it’s not my moment. Other people need opportunities, too.”

“And for him [Tony] to think about me, and try to keep me on TV even when I’m supposed to be on my lows, is really special,” Melo continued. “So, I took my opportunity and I’m doing my best with [Chris] Jericho, working and learning from him, and being involved in storylines where I’m not the main person — but my face and name are still out there.”

This past Friday on “AEW Rampage,” Melo & Guevera defeated Ruby Soho & Ortiz in a mixed tag team match. The newlyweds are currently the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champions, titles they successfully defended against Dante Martin & Sky Blue earlier this month.

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