Clippers’ Wall: Past few years were ‘darkest place I’ve ever been’

Posted: 30/08/2022 in NBA
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NBA fans have seen little of newly acquired Los Angeles Clippers guard John Wall in recent seasons due to injuries and a lengthy team holdout.

The former All-Star recently opened up about his mental health struggles while dealing with on- and off-court issues during his NBA absence.

“(It was) the darkest place I’ve ever been in. At one point in time I considered committing suicide,” Wall said during his annual Salvation Army fundraiser earlier in August. “Tearing my Achilles, my mom being sick, my mom passing, my grandma passed a year later, all this in the midst of COVID at the same time.”

Wall is preparing to make his first appearance on an NBA floor since the 2020-21 campaign after sitting out all of last season as the rebuilding Houston Rockets held him out of competition. He played just 40 games the year prior, his first season with Houston after being traded from the Washington Wizards.

The five-time All-Star also missed the entire 2019-20 campaign with a torn Achilles, going through a portion of the lengthy rehab process at the start of the pandemic. In total, the 2010 No. 1 pick has played in just 113 games over the last five seasons.

Wall signed with the Clippers after the Rockets waived him earlier this offseason, and he’s slated to play a meaningful role on a contender for the first time in years.

The 31-year-old has found a new belief in himself as he begins a new stage in his career.

“I’m looking at all this and I’m like, if I can get through this, I can get through anything in life,” Wall said.

“For me to be back on top where I want to be, and to see the fans still want me to play, having support … (it) means a lot.”

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