Cardi B Names Her All-Time Favorite WWE Entrance Song

Posted: 02/09/2022 in WWE
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Few people know as much about music than hip-hop sensation Cardi B, and while music isn’t the main focus of the wrestling business, it certainly plays a huge part. Entrance songs for talent help to set the mood and can describe a character without them having to do anything, and on Twitter, Cardi revealed which song she thinks has been the best in WWE history. Cardi was clear with her answer, stating, “I LIE ,I CHEAT ,I STEAL….EDDIE GUERRERO.” The WWE Hall Of Famer’s song was incredibly popular during his run with the company, and it is one that certainly described his characteristics, with this being merely the latest sign of how much the popular musician loves professional wrestling. 

Cardi B has previously expressed her love for the Edge and Lita relationship on social media, while she also name dropped controversial WWE legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka in her single “Hot S***.” In the past she’s shown her ability to talk trash, arguing back and forth with WWE Superstar Lacey Evans, and she has been rumored to be a celebrity name that the company wants to with, as she was discussed by Nick Khan about being the host of WWE SummerSlam in 2021.

While that never came to be, her fandom for the sport and her ability to capture the attention of fans and the media would make Cardi an obvious candidate for working with WWE. That’s something that has been noticed by Alexa Bliss, as the former “Raw” Women’s Champion has claimed Cardi B would be a good WWE Superstar.

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