Lex Luger Names Wrestling Accomplishment He’s Particularly Proud Of

Posted: 02/09/2022 in NWA, WWE
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Lengthy title reigns are not a common thing in professional wrestling anymore outside of Roman Reigns’ current run, which is why Lex Luger is still the longest reign as NWA United States Champion. His record-breaking 523-day reign began back in 1989. It is one that he is “proud” to have, and is something that others haven’t come close to catching since, with Luger still having the title at home.

Luger defeated Michael Hayes at a house show to claim the title, and he eventually dropped it at Halloween Havoc in 1990 against Stan Hansen. That was the third of five different runs he had with the title. Across those different runs, Luger was able to create another record as he not only has the longest single run, but he held the title for 950 days across all of his spells with the belt, which is also the longest accumulative run as well.

“It’s one of my first really big titles I won and have the longest reign accumulatively and then the longest-running reign at 500 something days, pretty special,” Luger told Highspots Superstore during a “Sign It Live” interview. “I’ve got this one at home, perfect.”

The current incarnation of the United States Championship in WWE is now held by Bobby Lashley, who is at 53 days and counting, showcasing just how long Luger’s record-breaking run with the title truly was, with the All Mighty having a long way to go in order to break that record. “The Total Package” recently had an A&E documentary on his life and career for the “WWE Legends” series.

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