WWE Trying To Turn THIS Wrestler Into The Next ‘Stone Cold’?

Posted: 04/09/2022 in WWE
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It looks like WWE fancies going down the ‘Stone Cold’ route with one Ronda Rousey.

The ‘Baddest Woman On The Planet’ appeared on Friday’s go-home episode of SmackDown before Clash At The Castle. There, she announced that her suspension had been lifted by WWE management before attacking default GM Adam Pearce and locking him in her trademark arm bar.

Pearce was scripted to call Ronda “the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen” and reveal he vehemently disagrees with the mysterious board of directors lifting her suspension. It’s worth pointing out that fans in Detroit loudly cheered Rousey’s actions and anti-authority behaviour.

There was a definite air of Steve Austin swagger about the whole thing, but maybe it’s more current to suggest that Ronda is set to turn into Becky Lynch’s ‘Man’ character soon. Could WWE really pull that off here? Also, should they try considering Rousey’s super-recent heel turn?

They’ve certainly had worse ideas.

Liv Morgan’s SmackDown Women’s Title push hasn’t panned out as creative might’ve hoped. Triple H could still rescue that, or he could hitch his wagon behind Rousey and cast her as a modern-day ‘Stone Cold’.

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