Kenny Omega On Why Will Ospreay Has A ‘False Sense Of Self’

Posted: 06/09/2022 in AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling
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The war of words between Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Omega and Ospreay have taken shots back and forth on social media and it has finally led to them sharing the ring under the AEW banner.

Omega has argued that Ospreay took over for him as the foreign “Ace” of NJPW, but has failed to make the same impact for the promotion that he did. During an interview for Sports Illustrated, Omega suggested that Ospreay may not be as good as he thinks he is.

“Will has this false sense of self,” Omega said. “That’s reinforced partly by some people in the wrestling media, like Dave Meltzer, who I believe overrates his matches just a little. I can take blame for that—I broke the [ratings] scale.”

Omega went on to claim that since he “broke the scale,” star ratings have been all over the place. He thinks that nowadays, it’s hard to actually determine what’s a good match and what isn’t.

On top of that, Omega feels that Ospreay is obsessed with how his matches are judged by the media due to his immaturity.

“For Will to put so much stock into that is a sign of his age, his experience and his maturity level,” Omega said. “If he focused more on where he needs to evolve and grow, he’d come closer to becoming what he wants to be in wrestling. Essentially, that’s me. He’s just not close enough yet. And I’m still here.”

Omega teamed up with The Young Bucks to take on Ospreay and Aussie Open on the August 31 episode of “AEW Dynamite.” Omega and The Young Bucks won the match but when the cameras stopped rolling, Ospreay and Aussie Open attacked them from behind.

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